Coney has been learning a lot about construction plans. Architects and Engineers have drawn every detail of your new building. This includes the layout of each classroom, bathroom, hallways, and even the storage rooms. They have also drawn even the smallest elements of the building including the location of each and every outlet to the exact pattern of the bathroom tile.

Throughout the construction process, the builders will often have questions about certain items in the plans. Asset Engineering’s Superintendent Dan and Field Engineer Tiffany document their questions through a document called an RFI. When the architect responds with an answer, Dan and Tiffany are responsible for making notes on the drawings to document the RFI. At the end of the project, Asset Engineering will provide Independence Academy a set of drawings which includes all the RFIs issued throughout construction. This will allow Independence Academy to know where everything is located in the building and how it was constructed.

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Employee-Owned Firm


In 2019, Asset Engineering adopted an Employee Stock Option Plan and transferred ownership to each of our employees. The creation of this plan is an honor to the culture and community upon which it was founded.