Internship with Blythe Group!

Did you notice that Coney was off site for a couple weeks?

Coney got to spend a couple weeks with the architects for your new school! Peter, Burke, and Shannon from Blythe Group taught him all about what it takes to get an idea onto paper, communicate with the builders, and see their vision through to the final touch of paint. You can check out Blythe's team and some of their other projects at

Here are some photos from his time with Blythe and a description from Architect Shannon:

Picture 1 - Revit Chicken shows Coney around the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process of how the Architect designs a project on the computer. ‘Revit’ is the program the Architect uses to creates a 3D model of the building and detailed drawings for the construction crew.

Picture 2 - Coney takes a look at product samples submitted for Architectural review. The Architect wants to make sure the colors, textures, and quality of the building parts and pieces are aligned with the design intent and final look of the building.

Pictures 2 and 3 - Coney looks through ADA and Code books to make sure the plans meet all relevant building requirements.

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