Triangle Park Lofts, Basalt, CO

Asset Engineering Limited provided CM/GC services on this 130,000 square foot residential/commercial property. The project team provided pre-construction services, value engineering, alternates investigation and pricing, and construction services. Working closely with the owner’s organization the project team was able to deliver the project on schedule and within budget. This project included the construction of luxury apartments, multiple restaurants, and multiuse commercial spaces. Asset Engineering continues to provide CM/GC services to the Owner and to several building tenants.


Construction of the Triangle Park Lofts was completed on schedule. The project schedule was evaluated daily, revised as needed, and distributed to the entire project team to ensure schedule compliance.

Budget Considerations

Cost reduction solutions were investigated to ensure that project function was maintained, while budget goals were met Asset Engineering performed extensive preconstruction services on this project in order to help meet the owner’s requirements in schedule and budget. This project was completed within the Owner’s budget as well as within the budgets of several tenants of the commercial spaces.


Construction of an attractive, high end multiuse building that merged seamlessly with the surrounding mountain landscape was the goal in this project. High quality finishes and architectural elements added a professional and attractive appeal. Asset Engineering maintains a rolling punchlist throughout the project to ensure that the end result is mutually satisfying for all involved.

Services Disruption

Asset Engineering planned extensively so as not to disrupt the regular activities of a small and busy mountain community with stringent rules and regulations. The project site was adjacent to a major highway and traffic control and site maintenance was a priority to the project.

Project Acceptability

The Triangle Park Lofts building is a superior structure that meets the needs of this mountain community. This project was completed on schedule and within budget, allowing the Owner to present the Town of Basalt a luxury space to live, work, and shop, a valuable addition to the economy of this town.


The construction of The Triangle Park Lofts was completed in compliance of all industry standards, building codes, and by acceptance of all Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Triangle Park, LLC

Employee-Owned Firm


In 2019, Asset Engineering adopted an Employee Stock Option Plan and transferred ownership to each of our employees. The creation of this plan is an honor to the culture and community upon which it was founded.