As residents of western Colorado, we understand the value and importance of using contractors, suppliers, and workers from this area. We have strong relationships with our subcontractors and are able to receive the most competitive bids and scope costing available.

Subcontractor Selection

We believe project success is accomplished in part by having highly qualified subcontractors as part of the project team at the most competitive prices. The subcontractor pre-qualification process evaluates subcontractors in the following areas:

  • Proven performance of quality workmanship;
  • Financial stability;
  • Understanding of the project scope and complexity;
  • Ability to staff the project through completion; and
  • Willingness to work as a team player.


We have firsthand experience with outside developers and contractors placing unnecessary burdens on our local economy by outsourcing trades and materials to areas beyond our economic borders.



As subcontractor proposals are received, they are evaluated for completeness, inclusions and exclusions, clarifications, and proposal value. A minimum of three qualified subcontractors are selected and presented to the Owner/Design Team to proceed to contract buyout. Asset Engineering Limited selects the subcontractors best suited to complete the project based on qualifications and the most competitive pricing.


Asset Engineering manages subcontractor performance.


Ensuring Success

The entire Asset Engineering team is available to our subcontractors for any questions, issues that might arise, or ideas to ensure success of the project. Asset Engineering is proud of the relationships that are fostered between the project team and our subcontractors.



Asset Engineering Limited is an active member of these professional associations:


  • Traci Wieland

    The City had a large team of professionals that represented several different departments within the City. Asset Engineering Limited worked closely with each of those individuals to address specific concerns while keeping the entire team moving forward. They were an extremely professional firm to work with, and their work will result in the completion of the signature project for Las Colonias Park.”

    Traci Wieland, Recreation Superintendent
    City of Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Michael V. Wells

    Merlin’s experience and qualifications in the construction phases of our project have paid big dividends as he was able to recognize potential problems before they arose and was able to deal with difficult situations that were typical to large construction projects. I would not hesitate to contract with Asset Engineering again in the future and I would highly recommend them for any building construction project.

    Michael V. Wells, CEO
    Gunnison County Electric Association, Inc.
  • Robert L. Saas

    Asset Engineering is not only great communicator but acted as a very strong team player throughout the problem solving process and they never faltered in successfully meeting the completion schedule. The quality of work was excellent and the punch list was extremely minimal. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Asset Engineering Limited again and I am sure your experiences will be just as positive as the ones that I have just recently experienced.

    Robert L. Saas, Vice President
    Eidos Architects
  • Werner Duecker

    Chamberlin Architects has had the pleasure of working with Asset Engineering on three CM/GC projects. Asset Engineering has consistently been very professional and responsive on these projects. Asset Engineering also executed these projects while meeting very strict schedules. Asset consistently put in whatever effort was necessary to meet the schedule. In short, I would highly recommend working with Asset Engineering Inc.

    Werner Duecker, Vice President
    Chamberlin Architects, P.C.
  • David W. Detwiler

    It is my pleasure to highly recommend Asset Engineering for your project. I have worked with many of the largest contractors in the state of Colorado. I have not regretted having Asset on any projects they have done for me. I give them my recommendation and I am certain that your project could do no better than having Asset on the team.

    David W. Detwiler, President
    Integrated Construction Solutions, LLC.
  • Tim Foster

    Asset Engineering Limited has demonstrated their ability to complete complicated projects in a professional and timely manner and have provided quality construction in all respects. Colorado Mesa University continues to utilize Asset Engineering Limited as a valued resource providing Project Management and CM/GC services to the University.

    Tim Foster, President
    Colorado Mesa University
  • Frank Cavaliere

    The Board of Directors and members of the Lower Valley Fire District would like to express our thanks and gratitude for a great job that you did on the remodel of our fire department administrative offices. Under the professional guidance of Sam Tilford, we not only received a beautiful building but it came in under budget. It was a pleasure working with a firm that placed our interests and ideas first ... .

    Frank Cavaliere, Chief
    Lower Valley Fire District
  • John Bottelberghe

    Asset Engineering’s attention to detail resulted in one of the best projects the college has seen. Not only did the financial side go smoothly for the business office, but the construction side of the project did as well. If provided with an opportunity to work with Asset again, the answer is absolutely.

    John Bottelberghe, Director of Facilities
    Colorado Northwestern Community College
  • T. E. Spicer

    I have enjoyed the professional approach Asset Engineering implemented for the challenging task of remodeling and building new facilities on the CMU campus. Our project was delivered on time and on budget. We now have the best Athletic facilities in the RMAC and our student/ athletes now have a quality facility of which they can be very proud of.

    T. E. Spicer, Director of Athletics
    Colorado Mesa University

Employee-Owned Firm


In 2019, Asset Engineering adopted an Employee Stock Option Plan and transferred ownership to each of our employees. The creation of this plan is an honor to the culture and community upon which it was founded.