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As residents of western Colorado, we understand the value and importance of using contractors, suppliers, and workers from this area. We have strong relationships with our subcontractors and are able to receive the most competitive bids and scope costing available.

Subcontractor Selection

We believe project success is accomplished in part by having highly qualified subcontractors as part of the project team at the most competitive prices. The subcontractor pre-qualification process evaluates subcontractors in the following areas:

  • Proven performance of quality workmanship;
  • Financial stability;
  • Understanding of the project scope and complexity;
  • Ability to staff the project through completion; and
  • Willingness to work as a team player.


Once a thoroughly vetted pool of subcontractors has been selected, they are issued an invitation to bid. The invitation to bid includes detailed descriptions of project scope, preliminary schedules identifying long lead items, bid due dates, and any pre-bid meeting information. Project documents are distributed electronically and are available in local plan rooms.


As subcontractor proposals are received, they are evaluated for completeness, inclusions and exclusions, clarifications, and proposal value. A minimum of three qualified subcontractors are selected and presented to the Owner/Design Team to proceed to contract buyout. Asset Engineering Limited selects the subcontractors best suited to complete the project based on qualifications and the most competitive pricing.

Managing Subcontractor Performance

Asset Engineering manages subcontractor performance as a continual, integrated process. Subcontractors are held to Asset Engineering Limited’s high standards in safety, performance, quality, and productivity from the beginning phases of a project. Weekly subcontractor meetings are held onsite and include discussion on safety, schedule, and productivity. The project schedule is constantly reviewed, revised as needed, and distributed regularly to all subcontractors to guarantee the project is completed in a timely manner.

Ensuring Success

The entire Asset Engineering team is available to our subcontractors for any questions, issues that might arise, or ideas to ensure success of the project. Asset Engineering is proud of the relationships that are fostered between the project team and our subcontractors.

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